I was reared by a Father with a “Family Value System” that he lived and conveyed to me; he was an old fashion preacher.


A person can be jolted into maturity very quickly, when he comes to realize the World he is going to work in is a “New Value System” compared to how he was reared.


I personally learned very quickly that a great majority of folks I encountered in the work force were not reared where “Your word was your Bond”, and that honesty and track record didn’t matter.


In my younger years I experienced the thrill and excitement of getting into law enforcement, only to have a rude awakening in life.  When I quickly discovered why I was being elevated and what was to be expected, I quickly exited.  It was Divine Guidance that guided me out.  Eventually I found that those who embraced me into their company became known as the players in what’s called The Bluegrass Conspiracy”.


I knew that I enjoyed the occupational field, so into the private sector I went, and learn much about business and more about law enforcement I did.


I was approached very quickly by business leadership that was not conducive to my preferred environment.  I blatantly rebuffed the personal invitation to a meeting.  Had I known the influence wielded within the leadership of law enforcement, I might have been a bit kinder with the rebuff.  Regardless, I discovered what corruption was about and some seedy details of how it’s masterminded. It was later referred to as “The Indianapolis Connection”.  It was Divine Guidance that shielded the retaliation of my rebuff. Since that time, I have grown to appreciate many honorable Police Detectives throughout the country.


A sad moment has arrived....William E. Anderson, Indianapolis, who played a key role in The Indianapolis Star's Pulitzer Prize-winning 1974 series on police corruption, died July 8, 2003. He was 77.


Everyone has a Life’s Journey, if you live with a proper motive every experience becomes an education toward maturity with a bit of wisdom. God has given me a journey that I can speak of, and refer to, when sharing its value is appropriate.


There is no doubt in my mind that at least 90% of any occupational field awakes every morning with proper motive in life. Many would put the definition of motive up for discussion; it would be more prudent to worry about the other 10%.  If everyone sought to be the best positive person they could be, we wouldn’t have to worry about there being a 10%.


A major reminder was given to me concerning life and business, when I had the occasion to be in Bob Knight’s office.  I was at the beginning of working my way up the ranks as a Basketball Referee, and had asked for an appointment for consultation (Most are not aware that it takes a Coach to refer you if you advance as a Referee).  I took the opportunity to let him know everything I could about myself in sports, including a prestigious list of Associations I belonged to and folks that I had met and worked with.    He looked at me and said in a most business like manner….. “I could care less about who you know or how many associations you belong to, I just want to know how good you are”. He gave me the courtesy of a few more minutes before letting me know that he needed to grab a sandwich, the IU / Michigan State game was going to start in about 45 minutes and he didn’t want to be late. The message was so simple; I had over looked it and will never forget it.


I have been Blessed with experiences and moments that have given me a benefit in life, because I awake every morning with a positive motive and a will to pursue!


I wanted to convey just a small portion of what the Honorable Paul Harvey would call “and now the rest of the story”……



Merl F. Heinlein