The Art of Self Help in Crisis Solving



We all have problems that affect our financial, legal or emotional well-being, this regardless of whether talking about the Corporate “we” or the Personal “we”, … or both. Our problems are many times made more complicated, and viable solutions put at a distance, by the very first choices we make in our efforts to understand the nature of the problems, the geniuses of the problems and the possible ways to solve these problems. It is here that we can help.


Today’s world is smaller, and some say virtual, and this can indeed equate to better living and better business. Having said this, a small and virtual world can provide you with immediate world wide access to those who, frankly, may not be able to assist you at all – other than to “try”.


What you need is a friendly neighbor who is as anxious to get you started right, as he or she is at establishing a commercial relationship. You need and deserve a “direct line” to the “front line”. This is what we consistently do.


Whether your problems are Corporate, Personal, Metropolitan Area, Home Town, in a Foreign Country or Continental USA, what you need to do is talk to people who are demonstratively professional and commercially successful, who also have that one hard-to-find “Quality”… we actually want to help you get started right.


Finding and managing a knowledgeable professional is somewhat easier than finding someone who understands the difficulties of working in a given geographical area. When spending your hard-earned money (whether Corporate of Personal) you may not want to pay someone to “try” to help you, especially if they do not have a demonstrably successful record of doing so for others in those same other states, larger cities or the foreign environment. What you want are the results of effort, not effort alone.


You can and should call us and talk to us about your problem, regardless of where in the world the problems and solutions may be. If the problem is in Serbia, yes we have people there, as do we throughout China, the Former Soviet Union and elsewhere. As a matter of fact, many of our professionals have either spent the majority of their life overseas or, in many cases, are still residing there. We know the country, the culture, the language and the ways to resolve problems – or we don’t accept instructions from the client. It’s as simple as this, whether U.S. or foreign assignment; when we accept instruction we truly believe we can help you.


From Tsunami-related insurance work, to fraudulent insurance claims, for treatment purportedly received in Serbia, to the complexities of pre-acquisition due diligence, fraud, waste, error, organized labor or just trying to understand the complexities of business abroad, we can help you, if only by pointing you in the right direction.


Obviously, to accomplish any of this you must call us and provide us the opportunity to help you or your company. Simply put, it is the cost of a telephone call.